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Hello all, I am new to the forum and have a question. I have owned a few diesels (Mercedes not VW) and have decided on a Passat TDI SEL. I have narrowed it down to 2 cars, both are 2012 models, both SEL, and they are both are the same price.

Car #1 is at a VW dealer has 55k miles and is a VW CPO car so I would have the piece of mind with a 2 year unlimited mile warranty from VW. Car is white with tan interior.

Car # 2 is at a Chevy dealer. It has only 30k miles so much less than car #1. Car is dark gray with black interior.

Both have all the same options, both clean carfax, both 1 owner cars

What I need your help with is, is it better to get the 55k car because it has the CPO warranty or get the other one that has about 1/2 the miles but no warranty? I wont drive it a ton, maybe 10k a year at most.
Is the reliability good enough that I shouldnt worry about the CPO warranty?

I really appreciate your input.

If it were you, whuch would you buy?


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