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INGOLSTADT, Germany — Audi has introduced its version of parent company Volkswagen's seven-speed, twin-clutch automatic transmission. Called S tronic, the new seven-speed box is designed to work with longitudinal engines and all-wheel drive. It will be phased into production on many of the brand's existing models over the next year as a replacement for its existing six-speed gearbox.

The S tronic is designed to work with engines producing up to 405 pound-feet of torque, which makes it suitable for most of Audi's current four- and six-cylinder engines and gasoline V8s, but not capable of handling the massive torque generated by the larger turbodiesels such as the 4.2-liter V8 and 6.0-liter V12 TDIs.

Audi says the S tronic "is intended for the midrange model lines." It is not likely to be offered on the R8 — which will continue to use the six-speed R tronic sequential shift gearbox — or the high-end Q7 TDImodels.

The transmission can be operated in several models, including fully automatic as well as manual. The latter model functions with the shift selector lever or with an optional rocker switch on the steering wheel.

I think the passat could be a good candidate for AWD. I think that an AWD jetta might be too pricy but an AWD passat might be viable. THe passat 4motion w8 didn't sell that well and I think they were like, over $40,000. Too expensive for a VW badge. I don't care what badge a car has as long as it's a nice car. Even now a loaded jetta might be $35,000.
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