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Xenon Golf/JSW headlight kit available

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Cue appropriate smileyjaw drops


The cost to add them as a factory option is $700 - like I said, an excellent value. From the product description it includes only the headlights and a wire adapter. I don't think it includes leveling sensors because they are normally located on the suspension but I'm guessing the APS side turning ability of the headlights should work. My guess is that it is linked to the steering wheel angle sensor on the steering wheel and speedometer.

For those who may have stumbled on this thread in search of foglights

And before anybody says that they also have auto off euro headlight switch you can't use it unless you already have auto headlights because there's a sensor that makes it work.
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Since this company has to buy them from somewhere there's probably room to go lower, do you have the part number?
The cost of conversion is prohibitive.

I wouldn't anything more over 800 bucks. This might mean that I'll never get them but too much is too much.
Sorry, I don't have the part number and my guess is that price won't be half off retail. I'll post the part numbers when I have access to it the car is too new.
wow that is a lot of money for those lights. If it was around a 1000 i would consider it but not that much!

Sucks that CDN models don't come with HID's but i also don't think its worth that much of difference.
I would stay away from Chinese replica headlights - the plastic isn't as good even though it will look right. Fit and finish isn't as good either.
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