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Good to hear there are some who can do it and not have a problem.

Alternative title: WVO some more-My Happy Greaser Story

Executive summary: It works perfectly if you adhere to strict procedure and NEVER vary from it. Even so, the engine could blow up at any time, or I could just be the luckiest guy on earth.


In late summer 2005, I purchased a brand new VW Golf GLS 5 speed, loaded. A couple weeks later I had a Greasecar kit installed by Daryl Beck. At the time he worked out of the Greasecar location in Easthampton MA. He now has his own shop in Greenfield MA; Evergreen Motors.

Everyone said I was a mad man, taking a $20K car and putting this goofy french-fry juice kit in it, voiding most of the warranty, and ensuring that it would blow up in my face in a few thousand miles. Everyone said the Pumpe Duse engine could not handle WVO due to the high pressure unit injectors. Or the WVO would cause buildup on the injectors which would cause them to stream and blow up my cylinders real good. Or the catalytic converter would get somehow destroyed. Or the space time continuum would be torn asunder, much worse than when the new HADRON super collider goes online and sucks the planet into a black hole. Unless the transition to the afterlife is totally seamless, looks like none of that has occurred.

Now, to be fair, there were those who warned against the possible problems I might encounter in an honest, pragmatic, and non-judgmental fashion. To those people, I tip my hat, for if it was not for them, I might not have been as anal retentive as I was. Its ok to warn people about the risks. Its not ok to be a hostile baboon who flings feces at anyone who violates their territory. Its not ok to rip a WVO system out of an unsuspecting customer’s car, sending her away in tears. Its not ok to rip a WVO system out of another car and then shoot holes in the tank with a rifle. Its not ok to belittle people for having even considered WVO. Behavior like that is quite simply…infantile. Maybe grow up?

the rest here: http://www.frybrid.com/forum/showthread.php?t=13333

Go for it...

2005 Passat TDI Wagon with Greasecar Conversion

-Automatic Trans, Pumpe-Deuse TDI with only 70,000 miles

-Complete Greasecar Conversion with 24" round tank and Co-Pilot

More info and pictures and info soon.


Stop by Greasecar at 933 Main Street in Holyoke for more info and a test drive. For more information please call us at 413-534-0013 or visit us at www.greasecar.com

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That's great. Some people can do WVO and be fine. But I honestly believe that most cannot. You have to be 100% disciplined and the one time you make a mistake, it will cost you. I don't claim to be an expert on WVO but I know enough to prefer biodiesel.
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