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Many, MANY THANKS! to the oil change wirte-up

Today, just shy of the 6k mile mark, I changed the oil and filter on the new 2011 Golf TDI. Many, many thanks for the awesome writeup AND photos posted about the procedure as well as tips. THANKS! Fahrenheit351.
All went well. One of the T30 screws on the bottom cover stripped due to being installed so tightly. Got a quick and simple replacement from Home Depot. Not exact but will do the job.
We ordered 3 oil filters from a VW dealer via Ebay. Upon opening the sealed box, they did not look like the factory installed filter despite being genuine VW part number. Instead, they looked like the Mann filter shown in the pic. I hope it is satisfactory.
Also, we had to go the the auto parts store to get the 32mm socket which fit perfectly. We had all the other tools needed.
We took this opportunity to install a magnetic drain plug with crush washer, as well.
The post was very helpful and thanks again. Safe driving, John
1 - 1 of 23 Posts
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