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WOT loss of power

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Just replaced the EGR cooler in my 2006 jetta. It took me about 5 hours on Saturday. That cured the hissing noise when accelerating and also made a big difference in how fast the turbo spools up. It accelerates much better now, however, it still seems to surge and loose power at wide open throttle. With WOT it just seems to bog down and not pull above 3K rpm. I can feel it surging any time I put the pedal to the floor. Driving around at part throttle (normal driving) it seems to run well. There are no obstructions in the air box and the air filter is recent. I believe it has been over 30K miles since the fuel filter has been changed. I think that is my next step. Any other ideas?
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My car was doing the exact same thing. Changed the fuel filter and back to normal. Mine was black as coal too.
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