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Winter driving tips?

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Over here in the good old UK we've had a few snow flakes fall out of the sky today which has caused chaos!! We just fall apart like a cheap watch.
Any top tips from cold climate dwellers on how to survive a winter in your car.
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Slow down is the number 1 hint. The benefit of traction control is that it can get you moving but it won't do a thing to help you stop. It can hide the symptoms of low traction and to this day, there's no way to get around the fact that if the tires are on snow/ice, no amount of stability control or ABS will stop you.

At least you're not in southern California. Every time it rains people spin out and cause massive pile ups because it seems like they have no concept of rain.
I drove home tonight up the Angus glens in Scotland and it was pretty hairy a times but I still made it on my Uniroyal rainsport 2's. The problem seems to be people just not using their loaf. I mean it's snow and ice and it's slippy stuff. You just have to adjust your driving technique, no wheel spinning(allow the wheels to get a bit of traction then go very gentle on the accelerator), pay attention to the roads and slow down well in advance using the gears before you get to the corner, if you have a hill to deal with, try and gain a little momentum then tease the throttle as you lose traction etc. I see mostly young folk just planting the foot and wondering why their not going anywhere. I think driving in snow should be part of learning to drive like it is in Finland.
Very good tips have already been posted. I would like to add that winter tires make a large difference in not only poor winter road conditions but in colder temperature also. Also, be safe and carry a blanket or sleeping bag, boots, coat, gloves, hat, etc. incase you get stranded. Some dried food is also a good idea.
Yes winter tyres are a big bonus and these are law in Germany for winter driving.
All the above tips are great!
I think driver training would save many accidents if only people would use it.
Most people in the UK are fat enough to survive a few weeks without food and never far from Macdonalds so i wont pack a packed lunch in the boot lol!
Snow tyres are good if you buy them early, I mean we're getting shafted over here on price because they're in demand just now. That's why I didn't get any and also because there's a hell of a back order at my mates shop too.
And I'm not fat you cheeky scoundrel mr rooney, I'm big boned lol

Ps You've made me crave a MacDonalds now.
Lol! Im fed up with this cold weather already!

Can some explain to me how i can move the Gulf stream back into it's correct position over the atlantic ocean so im not so bloody cold?
SPACE!! You need lots of space for turning, stopping and taking off. Allow space when coming to a stop near others so if Someone behind you is not stopping you can pull forward some to get out of harms way. You just need to experience it and take it easy. Hardest part is watching for others if you know how to drive. I have no issues towing a trailer with my car in blizzard conditions. It is the others that I worry about.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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