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Hello, I love my VW Jetta Sportwagon TDI 2014, except 1 thing and I hope to keep this car forever even when I purchase newer cars. It’s so fun to drive and feels so stable ( it’s actually my 2nd post diesel gate sportswagen as my 2013 front took the losing end to what seemed to be a minor impact to the back of a Nissan Altima which only caused their bumper cover clips to release, but my 2013 wagon ended up being totaled, s very sad day when I got that call from insurance). So I waited for 6 months or so and realized things happen for a reason as I wished I got the 2014 every time I drove the 13. Eventually found an awesome deal but almost held out as it was silver like my 13 and I had been holding out for a white one.
Well now back to the point of the post ( just a little background story above)
The only thing I am not happy with is the speed of my windshield wipers when on full speed. In NJ we have experienced several monsoon type rains and floodings unlike any year I can think of. And several times I felt safer pulling over into a parking lot and waiting out the downpours. Now I’m the type of driver that actually feels like an extension of my car, I know limits but I often practice in the mall parking lot next to my home testing the limits of braking, steering and traction In inclement weather, enough that I really feel very confident with my cars and how to handle in rain and snow vs dry sunny days. So for me to feel safer pulling off the highway and waiting out the storm to feel safer has never happened in almost 28 years. I feel that VW possibly forgot to add 1 more windshield wiper speed to the motors, and yes I have a set of one of the most expensive and best reviewed wipers. During normal rain, I tend to have them on a setting / speed lower than most drivers would use, but these wipers are so good that under normal water conditions they almost dry the windshield after each swipe, and visibility is better then I ever experienced, it’s just when the weather requires the wiper to be on full speed, they just can’t keep up with the water and severely restricting my visibility
IS THIS JUST ME? Does anyone else feel this pain? Does anyone know of wiper motor upgrades?
I’m in this car for the long haul as mentioned, hope to have it longer then any other newer daily drivers I get through the next 10 -20+ years

appreciate any feedback or advice in advanced from any members

thank you for reading the long storyleading up to slower wipers :)
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