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Windshield repair

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I've seen kits for this, do they actually work? I noticed a small chip in the glass. I actually saw a tent at the mall advertising free? chip repair but I didn't have time to stop in and now they aren't there anymore.
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Yes but the crack or chip has to be really small. The one I used had a small plunger to force the epoxy into the crack. My friend called a pro glass repair to fix a small chip and he ended up cracking the whole windshield. The repair guy cleaned up the chip and put pressure on it, cracking it. IMO, if the tent guy cracks your windshield I doubt he will pay for it.
They work. It can be a problem if the chip is right in your eyeline because sometimes there's a little distorsion in the repair. Also, new windshields are cheap, $200-300 installed.
Thanks, I wanted to find someone over the weekend but no joy. I will try it first since it's cheap.

The windshield repair kits and the pop out dent kits are two things I always wanted to try but am too worried about throwing my money away.
Those work too but don't expect perfect results, just an improvement. If the dent isn't too bad or complicated or noticeable, it's worth a try. Try paintless dent repair. It's a lot more expensive but you get near perfect results.
PDR works but don't attempt it yourself, you'll probably just make it worse. The pops a dent or dent king kits work OK but sometimes the glue doesn't come off. Use a heat gun and soft scraper to remove it, otherwise you'll just end up damaging the paint.
2nd PDR, it works great on small dents and dings and even some creases. It all depends on the skill of the guy doing it, so don't bother DIY.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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