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Who is holding off for the Jetta coupe TDI?

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The photos look dead sexy and I don't see why they wouldn't keep using a TDI engine. I know this is the last year of the current Jetta sedan too so I'm going to hold off buying a new car until VW releases their TDI offerings for next year.
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I wouldn't wait...the coupe is just a concept so far, the sedan will look 90% like it though.
From what I've heard the concept coupe is just a concept. With the all new Jetta sedan for 2011 I would hold off buying a 2010 because the resale will go down quite a bit once the new cars come out and I'm guessing the new one will have NVH improvements like the mk6 Golf. If you are going to hold onto the car for 10 years and can find a great deal it wouldn't make a difference but it sounds like you've made up your mind. They're supposed to have a TDI as well.
The new design really caught my eye and the timing should be right. It would be criminal if they didn't offer a TDI engine in the next Jetta.
The blogs have been saying that they're trying to cheapen the cars as well. They might return to a beam axle rear suspension which is good for trunk room but they spy pics showed drum brakes. The TDI might go upscale or downscale.
:( One nice thing about VWs is that I think they have good features and safety compared to similar cars. It would be nice if they gave you an option of how to spec it out.
The pics I saw make it look like a mini Audi A5. I think they should definitely build the coupe.
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