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Which is quieter, a VW Golf TDI or Jetta TDI?

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For those who own one of these cars and have ridden in the new ones, which is quieter? I was reading the noise level improvements for the new Golf TDI but the Jetta TDI doesn't mention anything about noise levels. Since the engine is the same, it should come down to the car.
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And the A-3 ???

Presumably, given the additional 300 lbs of weight in the Audi vs the Golf, the sheet metal ( mass ) , if that's where the additional weight is, should go a bit in the reduction of sound transmission. I understand the new Jetta ( 2011 ) has gotten lighter, but haven't seen the figures. This might mean a little better MPG, but have they improved on, or compromised, acoustics ?
Tires / Noise

Hi. I bought my 2011 TDI Sportwagen in December, and my only disappointment is with the tire noise. My previous vehicle was an Audi Allroad, so this probably is skewing my perceptions as the two are hardly comparable. Anyhow, if you're driving on asphalt roads, it's acceptable (though our '07 Prius **seems** quieter). However, when I drive on the concrete paved interstates in Pennsylvania, it's deafening. It drowns out the radio, and people who call on my cell say they cannot hear me on the built in microphone in the bluetooth system. Don't get me wrong; I love the car; it's a smash to drive. It's comfortable, and the mileage is great. Noise is totally subjective. Some people are as deaf as a door knob; others hear each and every little thing. Drive them both, in town and on the highway and determine for yourself. That's the only true measure.
Surprised to hear you think the Prius might be more quiet than the VW Sportwagen. The Continentals mentioned above got what seemed to be 'reasonable' noise reviews. What are you running on ? And on the stock 17" wheels ?
And the Audi A3 ?

Has anybody any cross experience between the A3 and the VW's ?
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