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Which is quieter, a VW Golf TDI or Jetta TDI?

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For those who own one of these cars and have ridden in the new ones, which is quieter? I was reading the noise level improvements for the new Golf TDI but the Jetta TDI doesn't mention anything about noise levels. Since the engine is the same, it should come down to the car.
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Having avoided the Jetta sedan during test drives (I don't want to be stuck witht he non-independent rear suspension), I can only speculate that the Golf would be louder, all things being equal, due to a relative lack of insulation between the rear tires/axle and the interior of the car. The sedan separates the trunk from the cabin.

I know that road rumble in the wagon and golf TDIs I test drove was noticeable, but with almost 4K on my JSW, I've gotten used to it. Especially relative to the grippy and noisy tires on my last car (03 Mazda 6) and it's old+tighter hence noisier suspension.
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