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Which is quieter, a VW Golf TDI or Jetta TDI?

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For those who own one of these cars and have ridden in the new ones, which is quieter? I was reading the noise level improvements for the new Golf TDI but the Jetta TDI doesn't mention anything about noise levels. Since the engine is the same, it should come down to the car.
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2nd, I've test driven the mk5 VW Jetta and the Audi A3 TDI and didn't notice any difference in sound. I didn't use a db meter or anything, this was just based on a short drive. The Audi did feel slightly different but it's also slightly heavier and DSG only.

I did notice that the HID lights on the Audi were definitely better than the mk6 Golf-GTI HID lights. The cut off was slightly sharper and more defined. It's not a big deal and light output seemed the same. The Golf did have cornering lights which is a bonus.
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