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Which is quieter, a VW Golf TDI or Jetta TDI?

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For those who own one of these cars and have ridden in the new ones, which is quieter? I was reading the noise level improvements for the new Golf TDI but the Jetta TDI doesn't mention anything about noise levels. Since the engine is the same, it should come down to the car.
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Has anybody any cross experience between the A3 and the VW's ?
I drove a lot of cars before buying my son's Golf, including candidates to replace my Passat. The A3 seemed a bit quieter than A5 VWs (Any Sportwagen, including '10 + cars, and Jetta Sedans) at times. I think that it's due to more sound deadening and seals. The A3 is on the same A5 platform as those VWs. Compared to the A6 Golf, the Golf was much quieter at all times than any of the other cars. Engine noise, highway wind noise, and road impact/suspension sounds were all subdued. For me, it substantiated VW's claims of improvements on the A6. And the seats were easily the most comfortable. So we bought one.
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