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Which is quieter, a VW Golf TDI or Jetta TDI?

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For those who own one of these cars and have ridden in the new ones, which is quieter? I was reading the noise level improvements for the new Golf TDI but the Jetta TDI doesn't mention anything about noise levels. Since the engine is the same, it should come down to the car.
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Has anybody any cross experience between the A3 and the VW's ?
Only in test drives but I found them pretty much identical both inside and out. Inside you never hear the engine at all on either the A3 or TDI Golf. Outside, at idle, there is a slight sound.

Not sure if this helps. I'm going to put an order in for my TDI Golf soon. Impossible to find a DSG, Dynaudio, Navi, and Winter Package on any lots so far.
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