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Hi...I am about to do my first oil change on our 2005 Passat wagon. I have 2 questions--

Does anyone know the part # for the Fumoto oil drain valve that fits this application.
Here are 3 links that all supposedly fit--




I am leaning towards the LAST one with the longer swivel nozzle, but I wanted to know what you guys KNOW will work

Also, important to note, I have ordered an Evolution Thor Skid plate for this car, so I am hoping that you guys can tell me which Fumoto will work best with the skid plate installed. Hoping that I can just leave the drain hose tucked up on the skid plate, or even better, drill a hole through it and leave it sticking down just proud of the plate, and then just reach up and in to open and close the valve without even removing the skid plate.

Will this work?? Any input or ideas is much appreciated!!
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