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What is correct rpm at idle? I am the

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new owner of a 2004 Golf tdi...124k miles...automatic trans...picked up the car in Seattle from Green Car Co., drove it down to Los Angeles, got average of 43 mpg with average speed of 65 to 74 mph. Here in Los Angeles my first milage check for city driving is about 31 mpg. Since I took delivery of car it has idled at 900 rpm, hot or cold. I am used to my prior Golf 1.8t having an 1100 rpm idle when cold and then droping to 750 rpm when warm.

Curious what is normal for the 2004 tdi. In all other ways the car seems to be working fine. Also...would like a driving tip. My instinct is to leave it in Drive and let the computer interact with how I am driving, rather than using 4th gear setting for around town.

My thoughts are that either my driving style or a fast idle are why my city milage wasn't better...I'd like to get it up to about 34 mpg.

Thanks all.

John Ireland
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I also have an 01M, I average 38mpg and have hit 41 once.
As mentioned, my car according to VCDS idles at 903 rpm and consumes 0.4l/hour at idle. My tires are set to 44 psi, I do not drive it easy nor do I coast, but when I am concious of mpg I do notice an increase.
I have changed my Injection Quantity and slightly advanced my timimg to achieve better mpg's overall.
You will not be able to change your IQ due to the fact you do not have a mechanical injection pump, but definatley get your timing checked
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