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A full job is probably more than you want to do.
Remove the entire suspension, have all the bushings pressed out or buy new suspension arms. Then put in new springs, struts, and rubber mounts, bushings, front strut bearings, bump stops, dust boots off the top of my head. Expect to pay at least $900 if you do it yourself.

A decent job to get you by would be new struts, and all new strut mounts, bump stops, front strut bearings, and dust boots. This can be done for under $500 and is good enough for most people. The springs are usually in okay shape and the suspension arm bushings are too much for most people. Try worldimpex or tdiparts to start shopping.

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A decent job is something that makes the car feel newer. If you want a like new ride, you need a full job as dieselguy said.

If you want performance, then you should consider going with aftermarket shocks and spring and bushings. I've done a lot of reading and people seem happy with the bilstein tc or hd or koni reds. Also change out all the old rubber parts since they will be worn out.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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