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it makes the compass jumpy AND it makes the can bus very very active and slow. The radio will be slow, instruments are slow, switching anyhting in the MFD is slow.

The compass module is cake to remove, you dont need to code anything. It's on the can bus and just appears.

on the JSW it's just to the left of the sharkfin in the back, beside the dome light. Pull the back trim piece straight down hard. It has several metal clips, Dont do it at an angle or they will bend or break and they are a BITCH to get back into place.

One you have the trim piece all off. Pull the headliner down a bit just enough to get your hand in there and you'll see a small black box besides the light. Reach up there and unplug it and pull it out. It's velcroed in place. That's it you are done. Put it all back together. Be wary of those clips on that rear trim piece, they have to go in just right.

I'm in Vero, if you want to come up here, I'll do it for you and code your car with VCDS. It's super easy.
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