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What about smog nozzles?

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I read your faq article about the sprint and powerplus nozzles, what is your feeling on the smog nozzles? They are quite a bit cheaper and it looks like a few guys have had good experiences with them.
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I haven't tried them but I do know that they are made in china. Stick with power plus nozzles from bosio. From this post: http://forums.tdiclub.com/showthread.php?t=174643&highlight=nozzles

They are made in China and resold by Sundiesel. Either the DSLA 150P 520 (205's) or DSLA150P502 (216's). And as for quality--well, I'll stay out of that, but the fact that Sundiesel buys them for $3.50/ea you can guess how much precision goes into making them. BTW, they will print anything you want on the nozzles, which is a big reason why you sould be careful about where nozzles are made.
Then again, from another poster in the same thread
The first set of .205's I bought were from eBay, they said made in Germany on them, but after two tanks my mileage dropped drastically.

I then bought some of Smog's .205's, my mileage went up after I installed them and I've been pleased ever since.

I also bought a set of Sprint 520's (.205's) for another car, nice product, although the person I had install & pop test the nozzles informed me that one of the nozzles were bad. He replaced it with one from his own stock supply so I wouldn't have any down time. So not even the famed Bosio nozzles are free of flaws
So they might be good, they might not be good. For the trouble I would just stick with a known quantity.
When I wrote the nozzle FAQ article (see top of the forum for the lurkers), I made sure to give a conservative recommendation because each case is different. If you want to give them a try go ahead. From what I hear they work out for some, for others they hate them.

What I do know is that the best aftermarket nozzles are probably the Bosio PP nozzles but is it worth the extra cost? It's up to you.
I can't believe that you can get any machined part for $3.50! I will probably end up getting the bosios, I'll continue looking for now.
I can't believe that you can get any machined part for $3.50! I will probably end up getting the bosios, I'll continue looking for now.

You can't go wrong with the bosio nozzles, the only problem is to make the right decision on which one, sometimes you get a decent nozzles, later on, you are regretting that you did not get a bigger one, and you wind up changing them for more power, and there is not a whole lot of difference among their prices. so make the right choice for your needs.
I don't think I am biased either way and I don't know how truthful online "facts" are. I am just going off feedback on various forums. Cheap nozzles will work and expensive nozzles may have defects. But if it's defective your engine will run rough. If it's just a poor design it'll run smoothly but it'll be smokey and may have less power.

You could get a star you could get a dud, but I would suggest going with a known quantity.
Thanks, I bought some power nozzles and put them in. The whole job was a lot easier than I thought. I can definitely tell that the car is faster and although I was expecting more smoke, there is no difference!
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