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WeatherTech floor mat need help

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I just have my 2011 TDI, so happy. since winter is coming soon, I am thinking to have a set of WeatherTech Digital fit floor mat for my car. but when I go to WeatherTech Canada website, they seems like nothing for the year 2011. they do have it for 2010. just want to know it the 2010's going to fit with 2011's model??

Thank you in advance
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Golf or Jetta? The 2011 Golf is the same but the 2011 Jetta is a different car. I think they'll be longer in the 2011.
No its just a sales trick when they adverstise for 2011 models as you know we aren't there yet. The 2010 and 2011 should be the same.

A 2011 TDI doesn't tell us much does it. Weathertech don't list a 2011 Jetta or Golf/GTi for floor mats.

I just bought some rubber mats from an auto store and they were cheap enough. You only had to cut around the accelerator pedal. ;)
Its a 2011 Golf TDI, Sorry forgot to mention that.

Thanks for the help. anyway, I will go check with WeatherTech return policy, than make a decision.
Its a 2011 Golf TDI, Sorry forgot to mention that.
It maybe be called a 2011 but it isn't actually is it?


but as you can see they only show them for 2010 models of Golf.

It appears they only do DigitalFit for automatics. ;)
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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