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water pump leak and now stranded

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I have a 2002 jetta tdi and about a month ago I sent my car to my Father-in-law to replace the transmission filter. In doing so he tried to help out and filled the radiator resivoir with dextron antifreez. Causing things to turn brown and clog up. After a couple of days my thermostat warning light came on and started a main leak on the water pump seal. within two weeks I have had to add up to 2 gallons a day. Only able to drive about 20 miles before stoping to fill up again.
This has now led me to changing the water pump with the help of my Father-in-Law(Who has owend his own 4X4 shop for the past 35 years). While in the bay I noticed during TDC check the He had used the injection pump to Locate TDC causing the belt to jump one tooth. Without installing the IP lock pin he continued to rotate the pump jumping teeth untill he was at a full revolution "42 teeth".
After He saw my frustration. I put the components back together and did not get to the leaking water pump. Now the Engine will not start.
I have checked the fuel line to make sure I do not have an airlock. but in trying to suck the fuel back to the fuel filter. I have complete suction but no movement. the compression I'm using is not being lost even after 10+min. No fuel movement.
Do I need a new Injector pump or just a New Father-in Law and a water pump.
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I'd go for the new father in law and water pump personally, it sounds like he's trying to helpful (bless him) but is actually making an arse of things, go into the faq and look in the 99-2004 jetta faq, you'll find the guide in there for doing the belt properly and also how to replace the waterpump. People like to be helpful but sometimes they just don't have the knowledge, I've almost fallen out with some over engine stuff. One guy, an old mechanic supposedly argued silly with me about hone marks in the cylinders, he reckoned you just did a rebore and that was that, he wouldn't accept you have to use a special tool to hone the cylinders after reboring. (Honing makes cross hatch marks on the cylinder walls to help with holding the oil on the walls to aid compression.) I don't know if it's to do with marbles and losing them or what.:)

The pump aligns to the same place as the cam so they both do two revolutions to one for the crank but when you line everything up with the tools it all sits perfect. The fuel thing sounds a bit wierd, maybe need the ignition on to pull the fuel through the pump because of the shut off solonoid, doubtful but can't think of anything else off hand.:)
Doubtful there's any damage, more like frustration and tearing out of hair (pressuming you're not bald:D), the fuel will just go in at the wrong time and go out the exhaust or into the inlet manifold if anything.:)
1 - 3 of 8 Posts
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