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water pump leak and now stranded

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I have a 2002 jetta tdi and about a month ago I sent my car to my Father-in-law to replace the transmission filter. In doing so he tried to help out and filled the radiator resivoir with dextron antifreez. Causing things to turn brown and clog up. After a couple of days my thermostat warning light came on and started a main leak on the water pump seal. within two weeks I have had to add up to 2 gallons a day. Only able to drive about 20 miles before stoping to fill up again.
This has now led me to changing the water pump with the help of my Father-in-Law(Who has owend his own 4X4 shop for the past 35 years). While in the bay I noticed during TDC check the He had used the injection pump to Locate TDC causing the belt to jump one tooth. Without installing the IP lock pin he continued to rotate the pump jumping teeth untill he was at a full revolution "42 teeth".
After He saw my frustration. I put the components back together and did not get to the leaking water pump. Now the Engine will not start.
I have checked the fuel line to make sure I do not have an airlock. but in trying to suck the fuel back to the fuel filter. I have complete suction but no movement. the compression I'm using is not being lost even after 10+min. No fuel movement.
Do I need a new Injector pump or just a New Father-in Law and a water pump.
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Thanks for the help. A New kit has been ordered. Father-in-Law is paying for the big kit. "Redemption":nana2:

Good to hear the IP should still be good.
Is there a proper way to get the pump back into proper alighnment?
Does the vw tool alighn the pump with itself?
I bielieve something is clogged. When I put suction on the fuel return line there is no movement at all. :ugh

Time to get things set for the kit.

Thanks for the help guys.
So, after a full day of sitting back and taking deep breathing. I looked back at the engine and noticed the injector pump has not been realighned. ( thanks for the Help, Seatman\50mpg\CCBB) all things are buttoned up right now.

Now, since we put things back together in wrong timming with just the IP out of position. Trying to start the car with the ignition. Have we created engine damage to the heads and pins? Or, Have we just starved the chamber of fuel?
1 - 3 of 8 Posts
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