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Seems as everyone's getting miffed at Toyota these days. Customers are angry over the millions of recalls and/or sudden yet unintended acceleration, readers are ticked at Toyota for taking our focus away from more exciting car news and we're frankly annoyed at having to write about the ailing Japanese giant every time we switch the computer on. But none of us are as miffed as one man in Louisiana.

If we may get all Don the Rum on you for a moment, here's what we know and what we think know: A man was returning his truck to All Star Toyota in Baton Rouge, LA when the truck rammed into the dealership. The Baton Rouge Police Department is placing the blame squarely at the feet of a "stuck accelerator pedal." However, things sound a little fishy.

Upon hearing about the ThrottleGate recall, the owner of the truck in question decided he didn't want his Toyota anymore, and attempted to get All Star Toyota to take the truck back and refund his money. The dealership, obviously, felt different, and offered instead to repair the man's accelerator pedal and give him a loaner. In fact, the dealership had to explain to the owner three separate times that he could not get his money back. Three separate times on the day of the incident.

In fact, it was after the third such explanation (and third refusal by the owner to accept a loaner vehicle) that the owner of the truck experienced a stuck gas pedal and rammed into the dealership. The building received only superficial damage. The truck however, is in a pretty bad shape. When asked if they felt the accident was intended or unintended, the dealership said, "no comment."
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