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Only $5000? That's cheap for a waiting list. The shelby cobra mustangs are still getting at least $10-20,000 over sticker.

SAN CARLOS, Calif. — The waiting game continues for the pricey Tesla Roadster, with consumers getting word that they will have to pony up $5,000 to get on the company's new wait list.

Tesla Motors says it has opened a "new wait list program" for its delayed Tesla Roadster. In a statement on the Tesla Motors Web site, the electric-vehicle company says a payment of $5,000 "secures your place in line for the next available Tesla Roadster."

The statement goes on: "Interest in the Tesla Roadster remains high, and we have already filled available reservations for the 2008 model year." People who get on the waiting list will be offered "any additional 2008 cars" on a first-come, first-served basis, Tesla Motors said. It added that "wait list members will also be first in line when we begin taking orders for the 2009 Tesla Roadster."

The update on the wait list also provided a look at some of the option prices. Expect to pay $1,000 extra for premium exterior paint colors, $125 for custom floor mats, $500 for a mobile charging system and $3,200 for a carbon-fiber hardtop.

In late September, Tesla Motors announced that it would delay the shipping of its first batch of 2008 Tesla Roadsters until the first quarter of 2008 because of the complexity of the program. At the time, it also said it would start a "traditional" waiting list for people interested in reserving a car in the future.

What this means to you: Want to get in line for the '09 Tesla Roadster? You'll need $5K to do it.


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2nd, it's either a bargain or way too expensive, depending on your priorities. for most people, it's way out of their price range and it's about making a statement instead of having a very good sports car.
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