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I put together a comparison chart and review of the VW Touareg hybrid vs. the TDI. This is the first buying guide for a new VW enthusiast site, EVwaudi.com .http://www.evwaudi.com/treg/2011-vw-touareg-hybrid-forum-faq.htm The site is now up and fully functional with a blog for a front page, forum (only 1 post so far, sorry), and buying guides. Unfortunately, in the setup a lot of the pics and media that were in the blog were broken but they will be back up.

Having only driven the TDI, I can say it feels a heck of a lot faster than 225 horsepower because of the instant torque. However, if you look at this power chart of the hybrid, it's no slouch either. The base engine is the supercharged 3.0L and when combined with the electric machine, you get this in boost mode (engine + hybrid motor)

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