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VW TDI high performance and stock economy

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I posted this on another TDI specific site, but I figured I would post it over here too so I could catch some other TDIers opinions :)

I have been thinking about modifying my newly acquired TDI. Diesel is a new thing to me, but I am very capable with conventional gasoline engines. I got rid of my "street" jeep to get this TDI for the sake of fuel economy but the hot-rodder inside of me has a hard time not modifying anything.

So in an attempt to heighten the performance of my Jetta while retaining the economy of it I want to ask if anyone has any experience with a dual stage set up on their car.

I am thinking the use of a dual-stage boost controller with one setting at the factory level and the other setting at a higher lever (dependent upon supporting modifications).

Accompanying the dual-stage boost controller would be a system for supplying the correct amounts of fuel for both boost setting. i.e. a factory fuel map for the factory boost and a tailored fuel map for the higher boost.

I have been doing a bit or reading but so far I have not seen anything specifically for the VW Jetta TDI that would support that? Or is there something and have I missed it? For the sake of my project I would not be against running two ECUs (one with the factory settings, or tailored to run as close to factory as possible with larger injectors, and one ECU with the custom settings) with the supporting wiring to be able to switch back and forth.

Supporting modifications would be ones that I hope (though I may be wrong) would not adversely effect the economy of the car when in factory mode and are as follows:

Better downpipe and exhaust throughout the rest of the car
Larger or more efficient intercooler
Larger injectors (which may have a negative effect on economy I hope proper ECU tuning can work out for the factory mode)

And for the sake of peace of mind, gauges to monitor boost, EGT and other functions that I may need to keep a eye on.

Thoughts? Please correct me if I am wrong in my thinking. I am actually taking this idea from a turbocharged gasoline (capri xr2) car I used to enjoy modifying.
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What is your power goal? Mod to achieve that goal instead of just putting it together. 200 hp? Doable w/stock block. Remember that the engine originally had 90 hp.
So what would be the maximum hp/tq that you can apply to the 1.9l? I want to do a serious build with mine but I need to find out what the limitations of the block and headstuds and so forth are?
That help a lil bit thanks.... I build turbo cars all the time but they are for hondas and other gas powered motors. I also have a F-350 6.0L Diesel but I know alot more about all the things I can do to that one and how to get power isn't the problem I just don't know what holds up to what better when it come to the VW TDI mototrs and trannys! All the extra insight would be very helpfull. I want to have about a 300-350hp/450-500tq @ the wheels. Obviously custom axles are probably going to have to be in order along with a wellbuilt tranny but what tranny would be the best to work with? U mentioned the 6 speed Euro trans, I could also take another trans for something that can handle a lot more hp and tq and just have a custom bellhousing and adapter plate made to bolt up to tis motor as well if I needed to, Money isn't the question its getting all of the right parts together and working properly that im more concerned with. Then there is the tuning issue? Is there any specific person or shop out there that you would recomend for doing the ustom tuning that would be required for this as well?

Sooo pretty much what Im asking I guess is for someone who knows these cars well enough to help me out while I work on building this. I want to have somthing that not most people see everyday. That being a 300hp Diesel jetta that can lay waste to half of the other cars out there while still getting pretty amazing fuel milage!
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