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Hi guys/gals.

My car will be 1 year old on the 27th of this month. Now this may depend on which country you are in but in the UK VW give 12 months free Roadside Assistance. I've had a letter of VW saying I can continue this Roadside Assistance for another £108 a year. Now this service is done by the RAC in the UK and its exactly the same cover that they do. I've been a member of the RAC for the past 5 years after my last car broke down with an ignition module fault. I maybe a mechanic but I'm not a magician so some assistance would be useful with modern vehicles. I've just paid this years renewal at £53.50.

I'm just wondering who is pocketing the extra here VW?

Now the RAC is a bit strange. 5 years ago I searched around all the rescue services to find the cheapest deal and the RAC was the cheapest at £40 so I had that. The next year it came up for renewal it went to £50. I asked them why its £50 when you can still buy it online for £40, they said that the online discount to attract new customers, so I bought it online again. The RAC give you a no claims discount 10% each year if you don't use them so the following year I paid the normal price so my NCD would add up. Now a couple of years ago my old car broke down again with ignition module fault. ;)
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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