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VW of America - VW of Canada

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The Canadian 2010 Golf TDI has leather in the highline model where the US Golf has vinyl and cloth only. The American Golf has HID lights available with cloth seats. I know that I can bring a US spec Golf and A3 into Canada. So far, I can only determine that Audi will respect the warranty. I've been searching the site and cannot find anything on cross border warranties... not that anybody really needs to worry about warranty from VW. Does anybody know details on out of country warranty? Thanks
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I heard that VWoC will not respect warranty for MY2009 and up on US cars.
So you still can import a 2010 US-Spec Golf in Canada but you won't get a warranty.
I heard that back in 2008 VW of Canada promised to stop covering the warranty of US vehicles... but I was wondering if they have had a change of heart? Doesn't sound promising. I can't seem to find an answer anywhere. I was hoping to import a "Street Cup" Jetta as they aren't coming to Canada. Now, I am leading to a Golf with cloth and HID w/MFSW (Multi Funtion Steering Wheel).
I've verified this with VWoC! No go. Very sad.
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