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Hello guys, my girlfriend got a VW New Beetle 1.9 tdi ALH as her birthday present from her parents, it's quite used, i serviced everything, oil, filters, belts etc... i have a friend that has the same engine on his audi a3, it runs much much better than beetle, the problems i have noticed is :

Poor power, lower rpms have more power than higher rpms.

Most of the time in the third,4th and 5th gear you can't get past 3k rpm.
Even if you downshift and rev up, the power won't just appear, it's not there, it's quite dangerous to overtake on highway, sometimes you'll be able to, sometimes you just drive next to the car you're overtaking and you get the looks and it ends with me just getting back to my lane.

Sometimes letting the rpms down to 2.5k from 3k it will allow to push more than 3k afterwards.

While idling the car runs fine.

I have noticed that when you exchange gears, while you push clutch pedal with your foot off the gas pedal, it will rev up a little every single time.

So far i have done these things :

Cleaned every single part in intake(ASV, Manifold,EGR, cleaned all the tubes, filter, air filter box)

Exchanged the air filter once again

Checked the clutch switch - which was fine.

My next guess was the MAF sensor, so i tried driving with or without it, nothing changed, also we tried unplugging maf on my friends audi, it ran the same as before, so think the fault is not there, but i am not 100% certain

Deleted egr, tried how performance changes if it's plugged in or not, no difference there, so i left the vacuum hose with a screw inside of it.

When i took off the manifold, i saw turbo it was a little sticky, i mean it moved, but like it was dirty with old oil or something, but i checked with a computer - turbo boost is fine, of course there's a little turbo lag, but readings were good.

Also i am thinking of changing all the vacuum hoses, because they look old and i really don't know if they are cracked or not, the one that looks the worst is going to vnt actuator - would really appreciate if someone told me how much meters i need for exchanging all the hoses (if someone knows).

Any thoughts guys? What i shall be expecting?

BTW, plugged to the computer, no faulty codes at all, just one for an airbag passenger side unit.
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