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Volkswagen MK3 turbodiesel "how to" index
For 1996-1997 VW Passat TDI and 1997-1999 VW Jetta TDI

From 1000 answered questions, see the top of the forum page for more "how to" FAQ and technical info, updated Aug 1, 2010

Did you just get this car? Review the new owner checklist at 1000q: new owner checklist to see common service areas, immediate maintenance checks and VW quirks.
VW mk3 ecu hose, vaccum line diagram, and "chip" replacement (every mk3 TDI needs this ecu hose replaced)
Passat chirp noise on cold start fix (replace during timing belt change if not done)
timing belt part 1 - removal (60,000 mile replacement)
timing belt part 2 - installation
(once you're done removing it :)
water pump replacement
intermediate shaft and seal replacement
How to clean/remove the intake manifold (periodic carbon removal is needed)
TDI EGR valve FAQ (exhaust gas recirculation valve FAQ)
Diesel fuel filter change (20,000 miles or as needed)
Engine oil change (10,000 miles or as needed)
Oil cooler/o-ring leak fix and oil pressure sender replacement
Injection pump removal or mk4 ALH injection pump conversion
VW mk3 glow plug replacement
Passat motor mount replacement
Air intake and snow screen service
Fuel temp sensor and Injection Pump top cover seal replacement
Coolant flush and fluid change
Alternator removal and charging system troubleshooting
Starter troubleshooting and replacement
1996 Passat supplementary 5th fuel injector removal (1996 models only)
MAF technical info (mass air flow sensor FAQ and part numbers)
Diagnosing and fixing limp mode (sudden loss of power)
Diagnosing and fixing low power (constant low power and can't rev high)
Adjust fuel injection quantity or hammer mod
Fuel injector nozzle selection and info FAQ
Fuel injector and nozzle removal and upgrade procedure

Fuel tank venting FAQ and vent removal procedure (lets you add a few more gallons of fuel)
Engine coolant heater installation (engine block warmer heater)
Performance turbo upgrade guide for VW TDI (comparison chart for jetta and passat)
Boost or vacuum leak check (air leak in the intake piping, can leave soot or oil in engine bay)
Runaway engine FAQ (rare problem where the engine consumes its own oil and races)

Car Detailing
Car detailing index: wash and wax the proper way, polishing paint, using rubbing compound, clay bar treatment
Washing/waxing your car - yes, there is a right way
Polishing your paint/swirl mark removal - enhance paint shine and remove paint spiderwebbing
Clay bar treatment - make the paint feel like glass
Sticker removal - safely remove that sticker from the paint
Headlight polishing - restore the headlight plastic to clear
Wax stain removal - remove white stains on the trim
Paint chip repair
Small scratch removal

Transmission removal (for clutch/rear main oil seal/transmission seals)
Jetta Passat clutch/flywheel and rear main seal replacement
Manual transmission/differential gear oil change
TDI clutch and flywheel FAQ
How to adjust the shifter to solve hard 1st gear selection (the plastic link often breaks at high miles)

Wheel / tire / gearing calculator
Wheel tire calculator - also shows wheel/tire clearance, offset, and final drive calculator

Strut/shock, springs, and strut mount+bearing replacement front and rear
Passat, golf, jetta front brake pad and rotor job
Jetta, golf rear drum and brake shoe replacement

Passat rear disc brake pad and rotor procedure

Adjusting the parking brake and center console removal
DIY pressure brake and clutch fluid bleeder
Brake/clutch hydraulic fluid change/flush
Brake tips and busting big brake myths
TDI specific big brake upgrade FAQ and spec table/links
MK3 corrado g54 brake "how to" (+1 upgrade)
MK3 girling g60 brake "how to" (+2 upgrade)
4 lug to 5 lug wheel conversion

How to use a torque wrench and torque wrench FAQ
Jack points on VW
What the VW part numbers mean and how to read them in ETKA
Adding soundproofing to the TDI and introduction to soundproofing theory
Tips and tricks for the mechanic
Mk3 jetta and passat keyless entry/alarm retrofit
Alarm system troubleshooting
Mk3 keyless remote trunk open capability
Mk3 key FAQ and programming the keyless entry remote
5th gear modification to lower the rpm (on mk3)
-5th gear install by Audi5jim --- Audi5jim's installation pics (on mk4, almost identical)
Adjusting a sticky door handle or latch / repair of the passat jetta door handle
Window regulator replacement and repair
Clearing the sunroof drains to prevent water in the interior
VW/Audi central vacuum locking diagnosis and repair
Passat headlight low beam upgrade with 9006 bulb
Ecode headlights - what are they and how do you use them (for the mk4 generation but the same idea)
Daylight Running Light (DRL) disable
Passat headliner removal
Center console removal and how to adjust the parking brake
Sagging door alignment fix
Passat wagon trim removal
Passat door card/panel removal
Jetta door card/panel removal
Fender rolling to fit larger wheels
MK3 vs MK4 generational differences - 3rd vs. 4th gen differences and interchangeable parts
Jetta vs. Passat, differences and interchangeable parts between the mk3 jetta and passat
How to compression test the TDI engine
Making wood blocks to raise the car
OEM VW/Audi wheel gallery, part numbers, and specs
light bulb replacement reference table
Wheel alignment specifications table
Renault 1.6L injection pump rebuild part 1
Renault 1.6L injection pump rebuild part 2
Touch up paint code reference table

More how tos at 1000 answered questions: turbodiesel FAQ and general "how to" index
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