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vw immobilizer

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is there a way to bypass or disable the vw immobilizer on a 2005 vw jetta without putting a key in the box using a 556UW or TBXKey I thought about buying an immobilizer chip from vw and having it programmed to the car and then placing it in the tbxkey but that is a huge hassal. Is there a way to program the immobilizer chip myslef without having the skc code?
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To bypass immobilizer you can use a little chip only. You can get it from a local auto locksmith (make a few calls).Let them program just this little chip for your car and use it for bypass. Or you can buy the chip yourself, buy an interface (come with software). Look for this item "vw audi vagtacho 2.5 skc flip key activator programer" on e-bay. Then you can program the chip yourself (hopefully). But of course you have to figure out what chip you need to buy (do some research).You can retrieve SKC (or pin code) from your vehicle using vagtacho interface, you don't need an original key or chip for this.But this is kinda tricky and you do it on your own. If you screw it, you have nobody to blame but yourself. And also you will spend about the same as if you did it through locksmith. For example, for me to buy a chip and programer with shipping would cost about 105-110 bucks and I had to wait 'till it arrives, while a guy from locksmith did it for $120, came to my house in 30 min after I called him. So... Good luck!
Hope it helps.
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