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VW Golf MK5 GT TDI 2005 - turbo removal

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Hi all,

I've just joined this site and I've been looking for a 'turbo removal guide'. I was wondering does such a thing exist, alls i seem to find it MK4 removeals.

Any help would be greatly appricated. Thanks Mo
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Not for the mk5 which we didn't get until 2006 and not with 140 hp engine. The one for the mk4 should be very similar. If you decide to take step by step pictures and notes on things like bolt sizes, it will qualify for the writeup contest. The prize was raised to $50 e-gift certificate thanks to kermatdi.com.
any ideas on where i can get a copy of the haynes manual to give me a rough idea of how to do this? and also does the turbo come out from the top or the bottom??

Thanks Mo
Is the turbo in the front or the back? The US engine turbo can all come out the top if you remove the intake manifold.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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