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VW and Audi part numbers system explained and how to use in ETKA

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VW and Audi use the same part system as Seat and Skoda - ETKA. The part numbering system can tell you what model a part is for and what type of part it is. The nice thing about VAG (volkswagen auto group) parts is that they print or stamp the part number on pretty much all parts except for hardware like bolts and nuts. This article shows more of how it works:

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Link URL is fixed, thanks for the notification. If there's any broken links in the forum, all articles can be found through 1000 answered questions: the FAQ.
Does this site actually promote or doesn't mind talking about ETKA chitty?

I've used it for 8 or 9 months I bought ElsaWin 3.7 of eBay and they gave me a free DVD with ETKA 7.0 on it. I downloaded ETKA 7.2 V5 of another great forum but they have now stopped the software side of the forum. ;)

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The site recommends using free software and not copyrighted software.
But isn't ETKA copyrighted? I post a picture from ETKA on a forum because someone didn't know what I was talking about and the Mods removed it and PMed me because its copyrighted.

Do you mind screendumps posted of there?

You don't want RapidShare links to ETKA 7.2 V5 posting on here then? ;)
Screenshots are OK. Rapidshare links to copyrighted software are too much for my taste even though I think ETKA should be free and available to all. I don't want to anger the VAG Gods. I've used some official media pictures from VW but was granted a limited license to use them.

Thanks for asking though.
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