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Volkswagen parts clearance!

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Got word of this on the Vortex....

The rear shelf storage unit for the Golf 5 and Golf 6 (part fits both vehicles) is on nationwide CLEARANCE through your VW/Audi parts dept for about $30.00 and originally was over $200.00. Found the part 1K0 061 178 A at www.magauto.com for even less, $22.00 bucks!

Get em while they last because once they sell out they will be gone.

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By the way the warning triangle made to fit in the transboard is on sale too! $4 bucks at your local dealer. This is the more slim sized warning triangle...

The part number is: 1Y0093055 (also fits B6 Passat wagons)

Info here: http://translate.google.com/tr...tl=en

Look where it says "RECOMENDATION", click on it and it shows you the warning triangle made for the transbord Get em while they last because they are being discontinued.

Got my triangle at http://www.magauto.com $3 dollars and change.

This is what the transboard is if you were wondering

Post with part info if you want the transboard
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Hooray, my rear shelf storage unit (part 1K0 061 178 A) arrived in the mail today from www.ecstuning.com. I'll put it in the car tomorrow to see how it looks. I also ordered the warning triangle at the same time from them since it was also on sale for $4.95.
With the shelf units, I picture any loose items sliding all around in the trays during turns -- for those that have gotten one of the shelf units, would you reply about how loud/noticeable that is?
The warning triangle fits exactly into the front slot and thus doesn't move at all. I haven't put anything else into it yet.
The tray comes with these thin rubber pads that fit inside each of the five pockets. I put some loose change in one, my house keys in another and a ballpoint pen in yet another. I didn't notice them rolling around or making much noise (but I was driving with sunroof open and had the radio on but not too loud).
The triangle is actually required in many European countries. You also have to carry a high visibility jacket or vest in the cabin and not in the trunk.
Ok, if anybody has had their eye on that Golf Ball GTI Shift Knob (part number 1K0064285G), it's also on sale ($21.23 at http://www.vwdiscountparts.com/ ). Maybe there are some other parts with that same price. Anyways, it's a huge discount.
they're on sale for a reason: they are ugly!
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