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Volkswagen begins DSG transmission production in China

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Yeap, and quite true also.Saw it here first.

Volkswagen will spend 400 million euros (USD508 million) to start producing fuel-efficient DSG double clutch transmissions in China as part of a plan to reduce emissions of its locally manufactured fleet. This sum is part of the �6 billion investment package to expand production capacity and develop new vehicles in China for the period to 2012.

Volkswagen set a target three years ago to reduce fleet consumption and carbon dioxide emissions in China by 20% by 2010. In this context, Volkswagen Group China launched the efficient TSI engines in China in 2007, and gradually began domestic component production at its sites in the country.

The carmaker plans to build the seven-gear DSG transmission in its Dalian powertrain site, where initially some 300,000 units of the seven-speed DSG transmission will be produced before the capacity could be eventually doubled over time.

Next to Kassel in Germany, Dalian will be only the second Volkswagen plant that will assemble the DSG transmission, one of its best-known innovations of late.
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I will defend my choice of the DSG but not VW's choice to spend more money in China.

There is a reason the first car was a manual transmission. And what was that old saying, if it aint broke don't fix it or try to reinvent it?
The first cars had things like carburetors, wooden wheels, tiller steering, chain drive......
Truth: The automobile industry has been great for technology advancement in many engineering disciplines including mechanical power transmission.

All of us have embraced fuel injection, alloy wheels, air-filled tires, steering wheels (with built in controls) and an airbag, turbos, limited slip differentials, ABS, ESP.....

Let's move ahead people.
You will only need to use your right foot.:D
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