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Voice activation

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I like this feature for phone and music, but it is really too slow. Is there some way to speed things up a bit, or maybe I'm overlooking something from the (fairly crappy) manual on my 2011 TDI?

For example, if I am streaming music from my Blackberry via Bluetooth Stereo, to move to the next track I have to press the lil button on the wheel, wait for it to tell me voice recognition is activated, then say the word "music", then wait a second or two before finally saying "next track". Whew....why can't I just say "music next track" or even just "next track" after it tells me that it's activated?

Practically, it's easier just to pick up the phone, even if I have to re-enter my corporate password again due to dime-out, and do it from the handset. WHich is kinda silly!

Any ideas anyone?
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I think you simply push the right or left button to skip tracks. Hold the button down to fast forward.
Not true (at least not for me). This is why I am using voice in the first place :ugh. It appears to be the only way to control an MP3 player (which is not an Apple product) that's connected via Bluetooth Stereo (and not the MDI interface).
None of the controls on the steering wheel nor on the media display of the car are active.
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