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Vdub for life

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Whats up my dub heads. I currently own 3 Dubs. They consist of Mk5 GLI, Mk3 GLX, And Mk4 1.8t Oettinger edition. I recently had a battery deep cycle,and after charging and trying to restart my immobilizer is kicking in and preventing car to stay on. This is on my Mk4. I really need info i9n bypassing without Chipping or tuning. Please help if you have a solution. This is my 5th dub and I am extremely experianced but have yet to run into this problem. My Garage was recently burglarized and my VAG scanner was stolen. So a scanner is kind of out of the option till next week when I see Snap On for a new one. thank you any info will be greatly apreciated.
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Welcome to the forum. welcometomyturbodies

Well your going to need another VAG scanner VCDS. I wouldn't bother with the Snap On as your paying for the name. The renamed VAG.COM (VCDS) as been out 10 years that I know of and they have always worked and they are going to be half the price of Snap On. ;)
I would leave the car on with the key in the ignition with a trickle charger on it. It should reset.
Yes I tried that with ours but it made no difference. ;)

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