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I am new to this site and a new/recent owner of a 2006 Jetta TDI. As the vehicle is nearing the 100K mark, I am currently in the process of preparing for the timing belt replacement. I have read through the very helpful and detailed procedures listed on this site and they recommend having the timing verified using the VCDS Scan system before and after the procedure is performed but unfortunately I have been unable to locate one of these devices anywhere near my location (South of Wichita, KS). I am not apposed to purchasing one if needed but thought I would try the locate and pay for help method first as I am not familiar with the tool and software and thought a little hands on instruction/direction would be nice. Can anyone advise if this service might be available in or around the Wichita area, other then a dealer (outrages price), or if there is an individual who would be willing to assist me with the verification, for a fee of course. I have checked the VCDS locator but unfortunately the only person listed for this area has an in valid e-mail address listed on the site.

Thanks in advance for your help,

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Honestly, if I were you I wouldn't mind waiting. While you might get a rough idle, nothing catastrophic will happen. Good luck though.

If you can't find anybody through the finder and nobody volunteers you could buy the cable, use it for a while, and resell it. They hold their value well since the software follows the cable and the second owner can have most customer support issues solved online. Look through the FAQ - you can adjust the speedometer, adjust the mpg gauge, make the windows open/close using the remote, shut off DRL, and lots more fun stuff.
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