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I have a 2005 Passat TDI and I need to bleed the brakes.
Well, the procedure seems straight forward enough and I've done quite a few brake bleeds in the past, but the DIY section makes mention of a VCDS Cable inorder to bleed out the ABS system..

I did a little Internet research and this "VCDS" cable seems to be a connection between the car's OBD port and a laptop computer ... So, I'm interested !!!

My question: I assume there are various models out there ... each with it's own accompanying software (I'm assuming this to be true). So, what would be the best product to buy for my vehicle ... and where is the best place to purchase/order from.

Also, I live in Ontario, Canada so anyone of northern latitude who has already jumped through these hoops would like to comment would be welcome. I don't mind ordering from U.S., it's just that shipping and Duty can be a pain sometimes.

Any advice on setup and tips/tricks is also welcome.

Thanks, Troy
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Thats nice to hear Troy maybe you can add a comment in http://www.myturbodiesel.com/forum/f10/vcds-vag-com-section-here-3918/ ;)
You need the KII cable at a minimum. The Hex can cable will also work on your car in addition to the newer can bus cars.

I just added some screenshots off my B5 Passat to the B5 brake bleed article showing how to use VCDS. Just for you:)
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