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V.A.G. Self Study Books

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Sorry guys I've had this link for months and its always worked before as it worked last night else I would have posted it. Maybe their server is down, I'll keep trying it every day.

It shows a list of VW models and you click on Jetta and you get another list of all pdf's relating to that model.

I've just tried it again at its working at the moment. ;)




Chassis steering suspension/





Golf GTI/









Scan tool/






Vehicle systems modules data bus/
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Its still working today it must have been their server.
Audi A8 D3 2004 - Key Addaptation

Does anyone have a procedure for Key addaptation for Audi A3 D3 2004??
It's blocking me, could be geographic block. I can't view it.
Sorry Chitty I don't know why thats happening they show for me.

Ok here are some Audi USA SSP's
Common Rail

I've just found these on another site, the aren't Self Study Books but the are interesting.

Bosch CR systems

Delphi CR systems

Denso Diesel Fuel Injection System

I might make a programme on the Bosch system because it has sequential pictures.
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Not a Self Study Book but could be useful. Skoda-Fabia 2000-Electrical a 228 page pdf.
I haven't been able to find a working link for the CJAA self study PDF, and am super curious about the CR engine in my new TDI! Anyone know of a working link or have a copy to send? Thanks.
I've found Bosch Common Rail Fuel Systems along with other Common Rail Fuel Systems, Denso, Delphi.

There are other Self Study Books available but I can't post the link as it means joining another forum to download them.
There are other Self Study Books available but I can't post the link as it means joining another forum to download them.
Would you PM them to me? I'm not opposed to joining another forum. Cheers.
Ok I found a post on the Ross-Tech forum that said Google some pdf names. I found 208 Technical Bulletin for Touareg if anyone is interested. http://www.clubtouareg.com/forums/f73/tsb-pdf-files-12140.html#post80847
That site is ok but its not easy just to download the PDF there is loads of spam for Chrome, wordtopdf. I have all those PDF's listed.
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