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Use # 1049 for JB weld

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I read a few directions online for mirror glass removal which all said the mirror glass just pops off. Only after I broke the mirror did I finally see detailed pictures of how to correctly remove the mirror. You can't just pop it off, there are clips that should be moved before pulling the mirror glass off. Detailed writeup coming soon, pic of the repair for now.

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Yes, maybe the plastic was brittle because it was cold, or due to age. Either way, when iI gave it a small tug, it snapped.
Lol, if JB weld can "hold together a cracked cylinder head" it should be able to hold the plastic bracket together. Not that I actually believe that it can hold a cylinder head together.
Lol, JB weld ain't holding together a cylinder head. That stuff is not a lot better than glue.
So what's use #1050 for JB weld: holding together cylinder heads?
It looks like it was already glueed or something snapped on the right side of the picture, on part of the mirror housing.
That was a wasp nest, no glue was holding it.
Writeup is up, this is the most detailed page anywhere on the VW mirrors. Applies only to mk4 and mk5 cars.


You have 3 choices, flat like your drivers side for a stock replacement, convex like your passenger side (but on the driver's side) or aspherical, which is convex with a super wide outer section to really see into your blind spot.

The reason why you might want a stock flat mirror is because you don't want a blind spot mirror because it's not a DOT approved part and because objects are closer than they appear, making it harder to judge distances.

The heater in the stock mirror also burns out. The power mirror switch has to be left in L or R, the middle position is HEAT. As a result, most people's heated mirrors are burnt out.
Thanks for the writeup!

The other post mentioned this but some of the vendor links cause the browser to shrink down. IMO, it'd be better to have those open in a seperate window.
Will make some running edits but the writeup will stay live.
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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