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Updates to the ALH timing belt writeup

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Improvements: the motor mount bolt specs were added. To avoid confusion, there's a pic and colorcoding to the torqe spec.

Tensioner pics added to address the tab and a closeup of the tensioner marks.

This pic should also help prevent any misplaced tensioner pins
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You should try a smiley face for when the tensioner is good and an angry face for when it's bad.
It looks like the timing belt tensioner mark was damaged from the tab being in the wrong place.
IMO, tdiclub at least update their writeup because half the timing belt problems posts that start "did the timing belt and won't start" are related to this or air in the fuel lines.
Yes, that's why I made an updated writeup :) I've said this before, the problem with the .pdf file writeups is that they are outdated. As soon as they are released, people comment and add to them but the file's already out there and getting passed around without the comments and other useful notes. My writeups gets edited and updated whenever something comes up.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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