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updated some articles

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Some writeups have been updated. The mk4 timing belt article was one of the early writeups so it could use some improvement. Some areas were rewritten to be more clear, some pictures were added, and a disclaimer was also added. There will be some more running changes and any suggestions will be taken.

In addition, the reason why I do not want these passed around as .pdf files is because updates and corrections cannot be added once the file gets passed around. For example, the .pdf file for nozzle installation states incorrect torque values and lacks some notes that I feel someone could overlook, but it still gets passed around. The notes stressing the correct injection pump pin are not in the popular .pdf timing belt article as well so I will include some more notes regarding this as well.
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Thanks for your effort. I'm off to holiday, enjoy the weekend!
2nd, thanks for the site! I like that there are links to vendors.
I think everyone appreciates yiour work, keep it up!.
Added these pics, it should help clear up any confusion.

cam showing about TDC, the important thing is that they both point up and the groove at the other end of the cam is horizontal.

always double check the injection pump position with a mirror
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As an added tip, if you ever remove the camshaft, it should be put back in the TDC position. You don't have to use a marker or something, just put the camshaft with the #1 lobes pointing up like your picture. And of course, loosen the bearing caps in stages evenly so it doesn't warp the cam.
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