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My car has had the P1556 code on for a while now. I have replaced numerous components that are common with the issue. These are: MAF, N75 valve with a new one, and replaced all the vacuum lines, as well as a new bosch fuel filter(air filter is clean), and I replaced the intake with a new one since it was badly clogged up.
When I start the car the boost will work as long I as floor the gas pedal.But if the RPM stay around 3K for more than a second I can feel limp mode kick in. Also, if I let the car idle for more than a minute or two after starting it will be in limp as soon as I put it in drive.
With that said, as long as I constantly floor it, or keep the RPMs under 3K I can make it all the way to work (about 20 min. drive) with the turbo working. However, my average gas mileage has only been about 32MPG.
My thoughts are the turbo veins are stuck in one position. However, I am afraid to replace the turbo and be stuck with it not fixing the problem.
Any thoughts on this issue? I have a Vag-Com I bought to help diagnose, but I am not good at using it.
Thanks for any help you can offer!
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