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The one thing you have to watch out for on the copper washers is proper seating. Some cheap washers which are advertised to fit are actually a tad too big and won't sit all the way down which causes compression leaks.

A common problem caused by following the injector replacement procedure for TDI 1z/ahu/alh injectors elsewhere is too low torque on the nozzle retaining nut which can cause diesel leaks. I wouldn't tighten down the injector forks too much because they have been known to shatter the arms. If it's fine I wouldn't tighten it further or try to loosen/reset it. It seems unbelieveable since it's the only thing holding the injector against the combustion pressures but it's been reported many times. My guess is that overtightening bends it in a direction which it just can't take. Both tips are on the injector replacement procedure in the FAQ here. You also have to make sure the fork washer is right side up but if it wasn't it would have snapped the washer or fork.

In addition to hot/cold cycles, sooty deposits from running could also seal things up.
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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