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ultraLow sulfur vs. low sulfur fuel ? 2011 SW TDI

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Hello all --recently got 2011 Sportwagen TDI requiring ultra low-sulfur fuel (<5 ppm), which may or may not be available at every station in the west (live in CO, travel to rural areas - Nebraska, N.Mexico Utah etc)
I had to look for this fuel in Nebraska. How critical is this requirement? What will happen if I use fuel with higher sulfur content? (550 ppm). Owners manual is specific about ultra low fuel.
thanks for advice.
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Although not every pump may have the sticker, all refineries in the lower 48 stopped making non ULSD a while ago and it's required at all retail pumps in the US as of Jan 1 2011. So you should not find non ULSD any more except in Mexico or off road only fuel.

http://www.myturbodiesel.com/1000q/DPF-Adblue-FAQ-VW-Audi.htm This is the system most affected by non ULSD, it can clog the exhaust filters quickly.
Thanks for info --

you answered my question. I came across a diesel pump in NE recently labeled "550 ppm" and "not for use in vehicles made after 2007" -- it may have actually been ULSD but old label remained on the pump. New diesel owners just need to look at pumps and labels for awhile until all the non-ULSD is gone; also in rural areas I suspect higher sulfur fuel may remain available for farm equipment and off-road use -- not sure about that (??) Thanks for clarifying for me. I soon use my new TDI for a trip to Tucson AZ -- my car is just getting broken in, under 1200 miles on it now -- looking forward to a long road trip !

In my experience, the best way to know if you're looking at an off-road diesel pump (besides the large label saying that) is the low price. Farm diesel received major tax breaks, so it can be much cheaper. Don't let that tempt you though, unless your diesel says "John Deere" on it!

BTW, maybe it's time to change the car listed in your profile? :>
I haven't seen major tax breaks on farm diesel at pumps. Runs about 25c/gallon less in Virginia at pumps. Farm diesel is dyed differently than road diesel (red?). The local farm fuel suppliers were claiming they had "regular" diesel available for farm equipment for those anxious to avoid possible seal issues with ULSD.

I suspect most of the "don't use after 2007" stickers are there because the vendor has no incentive to change them.
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