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Turbocharger whine/whistle - 2000 GOLF 1.9

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I have a problem on my 2000 GOLF TDI - a relatively light, high-pitched whine/whistle from the turbo (I suspect). The whine/whistle is generated when lightly increasing throttle depression as you drive along. It is instantaneous and seems to be directly linked to manifold pressure. The garage quoted £1000 to fix it - so it's still whining! Anyone out there fixed this problem before? Thanks in anticipation.
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How is this not normal turbo whistle? If there is a turbo problem that is abnormal whining, only fix is replacement.
turbos whistle when engine is cold,
turbos will whistle more if you don't have muffler
turbos will whistle even more if you don't have cat and muffler
turbos will whistle even more in cold weather

you will know when turbo fails:
- no power,
- a lot of white smoke from your exhaust

hope it helps -al
Yeah, sounds normal from what I understand. My 02 Golf's turbo whine is most noticeable when downshifting at relatively low RPMs, especially when cold. If you have power and no smoke you might not have a problem at all...curious as to what the garage told you it would do for a grand.
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