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Dynos do lie.

Different dynos and different setups will show different results. The best dyno comparison is with the same dyno on the same day. Even different brands are way off each other.

Most people add supporting mods like larger exhausts and fuel injector nozzles and that keeps spool up reasonable. Economy goes down marginally but the more power you use the lower the fuel economy:)

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It will take a lot of searching to find the various dynos. IMO, the TDI turbos are so small in general that you won't notice much difference. I have not personally put one on my car but to the best of my understanding, if you have never driven a TDI before, you would never know the difference. +1 size larger turbos with supporting mods can even spool up faster than a stock car. A VNT 17 would be the basic economical choice here.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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