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Hey all, I've used these forums in the past, never got around to posting. I have been on and off with TDi for a while. MK6 Golf TDi was my first car, and now I'm back to a 2008 B6 Passat Sport BKP TDi. I don't think you guys got these in the states, but you did get the engine (I know about the oiling issues, mine should be gear driven. If I keep it long enough, it'll get an ALH pump conversion).

Anyways, It had a nasty limp mode problem when I got it, if you floor it in third, eventually (around 3200rpm) it slams itself into limp mode and needs a key cycle to clear, then its fine. It does the same if you push a higher gear too hard as well. It also whistles really bad from the left front when on power. Mechanic said it was an intercooler pipe leaking on the left (your drivers) side. I'm imagining this is after the MAF? I've attached a highlight of the pipe I think the mechanic meant here.
Font Line Parallel Engineering Rectangle

I datalogged it with OBDEleven, I'm attaching screenshots of charts for the WOT run in third, limp kicked it right as specified jumped up iirc. This was a pull from 1400~ RPM until it limped somewhere around 3200-3500
Rectangle Human body Slope Plot Font

Its pretty consistently about 3-4psi above specified as you can see.

So, is this sticky turbo vanes? That was my belief but I guess I want some other input before I go attempting a clean. Or could this be mostly from the (assumingly) post-MAF boost leak in the intercooler pipe.

I appreciate the input, thanks!
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